Procurement Unit


1.1 To conduct canvass in such an open manner that potential vendors will be impressed by the fairness of the system and thus be encouraged to furnish competition, which will help ensure that the University to always secure the best product at the lowest price.

1.2. To encourage competitive purchasing and give due consideration to ethical and quality standards and, to real value rather than price alone.

1.3. To establish and build good relations with suppliers.

1..4. To purchase the most acceptable quality supplies, equipment and contractual services based primarily on quality and then price.

1.5. Achieve zero injuries and illnesses through prevention and risk reduction in the delivery of service.

1.6.  To comply with all the relevant statutory legislation, approved codes of practice, standards, regulations, and apply established safe working procedures.

1.7 To identify hazards and associated risks and the application of suitable precautionary and

control measures and maintain for all employees, safe, pollution free, adequate, and suitable health and welfare facilities.

1.8. To set targets, monitor & apply best practices and strive continually to improve our environmental health and safety standards.

1.9.  To monitor completion of contract by suppliers/contractors to attain full delivery of goods and services.

2.0.   To continuously assess the performance of suppliers and contractors to achieve efficient with good quality of delivery of services and goods.

2.1. To continuously post on-time procurement activities in the agency website, conspicuous places and Procurement portals.