Mandate and Function

Mandate and Function

Per Republic Act No. 11695, also known as the "Revised Tarlac State University Charter," TSU shall provide advance instruction and professional training in literature, philosophy, science and technology, and arts, and other relevant fields of study, It shall also undertake research and extension services and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.

Former TSU Charter

Republic Act No. 6764 (October 13, 1989) was passed into law converting Tarlac College of Technology-College of Arts and Trade (TCT-CAT) into a university, now known as Tarlac State University (TSU). This law mandates TSU to expand the technology and agro-industrial projects and programs to advanced instruction in literature, philosophy, the sciences, engineering and the arts to include professional and technical training courses.

TSU is further mandated to expand its programs diametrically its quadruple functions: instruction, research, extension and production in response to national and global needs and demands.

Legal Basis

House Bill 1006 (1959) : converting Tarlac Trade School (TTS) to Tarlac School of Arts and Trade (TSAT).

R.A. 4337 (1965): converting TSAT to Tarlac College of Technology-College of Arts and Trade (TCT-CAT).

R.A. 6764 (1989): converting TCT to Tarlac State University