National Service Training Program Office

     Course Overview   

             In accordance with the RA 9163, otherwise known as the National Service Training Program Act of 2001, this course on National Service Training Program aims to enhance civic consciousness and defense preparedness of the youth by developing the ethics of service and patriotism while undergoing training in one of its program components. (Civic Welfare Training Service, Literacy Training Service and Reserve Officers' Training Corps).

            NSTP 1 is divided into two modules: the Common Module to be taken in 25 hours and the Specific Modules to be taken in 29 hours resulting to a total of 54 training hours satisfying the minimum requirement  for NSTP 1. The modular topics covered herein are designed to help the students acknowledge their roles to their respective areas of responsibility and engage themselves to activities contributory to the general welfare of the community.

            On the other hand, NSTP 2 is designed to meet the desired skills and practicum requirement. Each training period is conducted by both learning input or short lecture and service output or any applicable activity. Whether this is done individually, by pair or by group. These NSTP 2 modules are creatively developed and designed to improve knowledge and skills of student’s pertinent to RA 10121 AND RA 7077.