Administration Office


1.1   Promotion of efficient and effective direct support service to the university through payroll and remittances preparation, time card administration, and other related administrative support services;

1.2   Maintenance of adequate and proper documentation of policies and operations for a comprehensive records management through records creation, maintenance and use, disposition administration, records center/archive administration;

1.3   Procurement of supplies, materials and equipment needed by the university with utmost efficiency, economy, honesty and effectiveness following Republic Act 9184 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations;

1.4   Ensuring the most economical, effective and efficient property custodianship tasks such as inspection/acceptance, inventory, recording/report preparation and disposal of government property;

1.5   Establishment of a safe and secure environment and proactive security practices at TSU Community;

1.6   Continuous improvement of our performance to reduce adverse environmental impacts, as well as ill health and occupational injury.