Student Affairs Services

 The Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) provides relevant services in response to the growing needs of the students. Primarily, OSAS functions as a support component to students in their academic, social, emotional, vocational, spiritual growth and holistic development so that they will be able to enhance their potentials to the fullest.  It also assists the students in actualizing themselves as individuals contributing to the welfare of the nation.

To be receptive particularly to the diverse and particular needs of the students, the office created four major units.  These are as follows:  Student Welfare Services (SWS) which is composed of different offices such as Testing, Evaluation and Monitoring Services Office, Career and Job Placement Services Office, Guidance and Counselling Office, and the Economic Enterprise Development Office; Student Development  Services which is composed of the Student Discipline Unit, Student Organization Unit, Student Publication Unit, Sports and Development Unit, and Culture and Arts Unit; and finally the Institutional Student Program and Services which is composed of Scholarship and Financial Assistance Unit, International, Differently-Abled, Indigenous and Marginalized Services Unit, Medical Services Unit, and the Dental Services Unit; and finally, an equally important unit, the Research, Accreditation and Records Office.


The Student Welfare Services Unit (SWS) provides basic services and programs needed to ensure and promote the well-being of students.  Under this office are the following:


  • The Guidance and Counseling Unit (GCU) guides and transforms students to discover the beauty of their body, soul, and spirit in order to understand themselves and the world for the common good. It is committed to assist students through the services offered by well-trained and professional guidance counselors and staff to serve the students’ interests; to provide substantial and meaningful activities to promote students’ well-being and empowerment; to ignite students’ enthusiasm to understand reality; gain knowledge and enlace themselves the good, beautiful and worthy; and to inculcate the values of love, peace, and unity to themselves and the world through individual and group activities.


  • The Career and Job Placement Services (CEJPS) crafts programs and services to address the career development needs of TSU students and graduates. It is the central networking office for students' employment before and after graduation. This office is directly concerned with all matters on employment and placement.  It works hand in hand with the different colleges of the university, different units of the Student Affairs and Services, and alumni affairs.  CEJPS is committed to provide opportunities for students to enhance their career development & exploratory learning through self-knowledge, understanding of the world of work, job search skill development, and decision-making and continually dedicates itself in providing the necessary skills and resources to the students and to lead them achieve fulfilling careers.  It provides direct services for undergraduates, graduate students, alumni and employers.


  • Testing, Evaluation and Monitoring Services Office (TEMSO) is centered on the administration of various test to evaluate, screen and guide new entrants in their choice of courses, including the administration of Psychological Test and other personality test.


  • The Economic Enterprise Development (EED) provides services and programs among the students of the university that would cater to the other economic needs of students by providing them income generating activities or projects. Furthermore, EED is geared towards conforming student to values of integrity, long-term vision with their career, empowering leadership and commitment to economic and even national development. This is attained through coordinating and outsourcing with other government and non-government organizations.


The Student Development Services Unit (SDS) provides services and programs designed for the exploration, enhancement and development of the child’s full potential for personal development, leadership, and social responsibility though various institutional and/or student- initiated activities.  The sub-units under this office are the following:


  • The Student Organization Unit (SOU) provides quality assistance among student organizations relative to their formation/establishment, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of their respective social, educational and cultural activities, to name a few. Furthermore, the unit is geared towards capacitating student organization officers and members through the provision of leadership trainings and other capacity-building interventions. Finally, the office is projected to improve the quality of its programs, projects and activities towards optimum student development.


  • Culture and the Arts Unit (CAU) is centered on the development of the students in the field of the culture and arts and in ensuring that the Philippine cultural heritage is preserved or revived among students. The office is tasked to implement activities, to provide opportunities, to develop and enhance talents, abilities and values of our students for appreciation and conservation of national culture and multi-cultural heritage.


  • Sports Development and Management Unit (SDMU) spearheads the implementation of the year-round sports development program for students. It is designed to instill to students the importance of sports for total human development. SDMU is expected to coordinate athletic competitions and to oversee the organization of Athletic or Sports clubs. It is also expected to conduct sports clinic for students and sees to it that sports facilities and equipment are adequate and suitable to all athletic activities.


  • Student Publication Unit (SPU) supervises recognized student publications in the university and help them plan and implement their programs and projects with the ultimate aim of training and developing students into ethical and competent campus journalists. Through the University Student Publication, the students are able to communicate to the University’s stakeholders.


  • Student Discipline Unit (SDU) provides a judicious implementation of institutional rules and regulations governing student behavior and conduct. The office is tasked to define and promulgate rules, regulate student conduct and prescribe sanctions therein for misconduct after the observance of due process. The Student Discipline Unit is expected to enforce peace and harmony in the university.


The Institutional Student Programs and Services (ISPS) provides services and programs designed to pro-actively respond to the basic health, food and safety concerns of students including students with special needs and disabilities and the school. Here are the sub-nits under this office:



  • Medical Services Unit (MSU) provides an integrated health care system which is efficient, effective, timely and patient-centered. Specifically, the unit has the objective of strengthening medical services as part of the core benefits of students, academic and non-academic personnel through a well-integrated health care program.


  • Dental Service Unit (DSU) provides services in relation to oral hygiene and protection of the students of the university through dental examinations which is also part of instilling the health care and wellness for students.


  • Scholarship Unit (SU) financially aids the students in the pursuit of their academic program. It is tasked to facilitate the processing of application-documents to different scholarship program and providers.


  • International, Differently-Abled, Indigenous and Marginalized Student Services (IDIMSS) serves as auxiliary unit to Student Affairs and Services in coordinating all rightful concerns and needs of the marginalized students to offices, units and external partners – achieving equitable welfare to marginalized students.


The Research, Accreditation and Records Office spearheads the conduct of research on student affairs and services, coordinates programs, projects and activities to comply with the requirements of accreditation, and receives, files, and manages records of the Office of Student Affairs and Services.