Admission and Registration Office

A. University Registrar

1. Assists top administation in the formuation and enforcement of policies on admissions, enrollment, accreditation, graduation, and other related academic matters.

2. Plans, supervises, and is responsible for:

  • Admission and selective retention of students
  • Compliance of admission and academic requirements.
  • Registration/ Enrollment of students.
  • Enforcement of government and university regulations on academic scholarships, scholastic deliquency, transferees, accreditation, student loading subject sequence, cross -enrollment, graduation, graduation with honors, changing/adding/dropping of subjects and other related matters.
  • Evaluation of scholastic records/ credits for purposes of accreditation of transfer units determination of curricular level, scholastic standing, promotion, graduation etc.
  • Commencement/ Graduation exercises and all other relevant activities.
  • Selection of honor students both in the collegiate and secondary levels.
  • Custody, security, integrity and confidentiality of students' records.
  • Management, accounting, control, maintennance and issuance/ release of students' academic records.
  • Dissemination of information on the curricular offerings, admission requirements, academic policies and regulations and CHED issuances
  • Information on statistical data of enrolment, graduates, dropped outs etc.
  • Preparation of memoranda on enrollment and OAR concerns.
  • Publication of Academic Calendar, Bulletin of Information, Catalog etc.
  • OAR personnel training and development.

3. Signs Transcript of Records, certifications and other related documents.

4. Resolves questions on academic policies and regulations and student records.

5. Performs curricular consultation with the Colleges and the students.

6. Assists in the revision of curricula, TSU code, Faculty manual and Student Handbook.

7. Maintains linkages with other Registrars in connection with student records and registrar concerns.

8. Sets a standard operating procedure for the OUR.

9. Designs process flow chart of office functions.

10. Periodically reviews and improves present systems and procedure.

11. Assigns, supervises, coordinates, checks and reviews work of OUR personnel.

12. Evaluates performance of OUR personnel.

13. Designs and revises forms needed for OUR use and transactions.

14. Oversees the proper use, maintennance, control and safe keeping of property and equipment of the office.

15. Maintains record of production income.

16. Requests the needed office equipment and supplies.

17. Creates the Development Plan of the OUR.

18. Submit Annual Accomplishments Report to the President.

19. Acts as Secretary of the Academic Council as designated by the President of the University.

20. Serves as the contact person of the University with the CHED and BI.


B. In-charge of Admissions

1. Prepares admission and enrollment parephernalia.

2. Coordinates admission and enrollment of new students.

3. Reviews, checks and verifies authenticity of submitted credentials of new students.

4. Request for Form 137-A and OTR of newly admitted students.

5. Arranges and files credentials of new students before they are turned over to incharge of records.

6. Prepares Freshment enrollment list.

7. Prepares list and statistics of transferees.

8. Serves as liaison officer of the OUR for foreign students.


C. In charge of Records / Evaluators (College)

1. Prepares individual student records (worksheet of consolidated grades, permanent record evaluation record etc.)

2. Coordinates enrollment of students.

3. Post grades and updates regularly student records.

4. Reconstructs lost or missing records or files.

5. Advises the student on curricular program, enrollment, subject load and sequence.

6. Evaluates student records as to curricular leel, scholastic standing, graduation etc.

7. Evaluates subjects and credit earned in other school.

8. Assists in the enforcement of academic policies and regulations,

9. Serves as specialist and consultant of the course they are in charge with.

10. Informs the student of course deficiency.

11. Assist in graduation activities.

12. Prepares enrollment list, list of academic scholars, list of candidates for graduation

13. Prepares statistical data for drop outs, shifters and transferees.

14. Checks, verifies and signs prepared Transcript of Records and certifications.

15. Manages, accounts, controls and maintains students' records and secures their integrity and confidentiality.

16. Makes follow up request for records of new students in previous institution.


D. In charge of Records (Secondary)

1. Prepares and issues Form 137-A and certifications for secondary students.

2. Reads and check entry of Form 138 and Form 18T every end of the school year.

3. Assists in the graduation activities of the Secondary Laboratory School.

4. Prepares enrollment list and statistics of secodary students.

5. Prepares list of candidates for graduation.

6. Assists in the selection of honor students. 

7. Keeps and maintains all secondary records, past and present.

8. Manages, accounts, controls and maintains students' records and secures their integrity and confidentiality.


E. In charge of Request

1. Accommodates, receives, processes and releases request for transcript of records, certifications transfer credentials, and other academic records.

2. Attends to prompt compliance and release of requested records and other information.

3. Keeps a daily record of all incoming and outgoing records.

4. Prepares and generates requested academic records.

5. Prepares various OUR forms and enrollment paraphernalia.

6. Maintains logbooks for recording of incoming requests for academic records and their releases.

7. Manages, accounts, controls and maintains students' records and secures their integrity and confidentiality.

8. Classifies, arranges files and stores active and inactive records and files.


F. In charge of Data Processing

1. Encodes data on the course and subject codes.

2. Encodes complete data of new students.

3. Encodes and updates students grades.

4. Generates worksheet of consolidated grades, transcript of records and certifications.

5. Prepares and generates enrollment lists and all needed statistical data.

6. Manages, accounts, maintains and secures the integrity and confidentiality of students' records.

7. Assists in the accomplishment of various survey forms.


G. Records Manager

1. Arrangement of student jackets in the records room.

2. Filling of student records

3. Classifies, arranges, files and stores active and inactive records and files.