Facilities Development and Management Office


1.1   To ascertain efficient, economical, and on time construction and renovation of infrastructures ensuring conformance to the prescribed standards of design and quality and compliance with the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

1.2   To facilitate organized, efficient and economical housekeeping, maintenance and repairs of facilities to ensure that functional systems are continuously operating to serve their purpose and maintained according to the prescribed quality, environmental, health, safety, systems, and other relevant standards.

1.3   To harmonize, integrate and streamline the policies, guidelines, standards, systems and procedures in the development and management of the facilities to ensure the organized and efficient planning, monitoring, inspection, budgeting, resource allocation, data gathering, statistical analysis, records management, staffing, and other relevant aspects of management and administration.

1.4   To attain the aforementioned objectives entails an organization that can efficiently and effectively manage the integration of the functions of construction, housekeeping and maintenance management.