Vision, Mission and Core Values


A globally competitive university recognized for excellence in sciences and emerging technologies.


TSU shall develop highly competitive and empowered human resources fostering responsive global education, future-proof research culture, inclusive and relevant extension programs, and sustainable production projects. 

Core Values

T-ruth in words, action and character 

S-ervice with excellence and compassion 

U-nity in diversity 


Strategic Directions (SOAR HIGHER): 

  • S - ustainable student support programs to improve access to quality education to become globally competitive. 
  • O - utstanding international reputation and visibility through Academic and Research Exchanges. 
  • A - ssurance of quality and excellence through accreditation, assessment, and certification with global standards. 
  • R - igorous Development Programs for executives, faculty, staff, and students. 
  • H - ighly responsive and innovative Research Development and Extension programs.  
  • I - nvestment on modern Infrastructures, facilities and equipment to ensure inclusive and responsive delivery of services to clients and stakeholders.  
  • G - ood governance, management, and accountability characterized by Truth Service and Unity.  
  • H - arness active partnerships and collaboration to local and international community.  
  • E - nhanced Production through Sustainable Income Generating Projects.  
  • R - esponsive, Innovative and Industry-based Curricula and Instruction. 

Approved Roadmaps:  

  • Roadmap A - Resource Management Development Plan 
  • Roadmap B - Instructional Quality and Relevance Development Plan 
  • Roadmap C - Research and Community Extension Service Development Plan 
  • Roadmap D- Quality Assurance Development Plan 
  • Roadmap E - Information and Communication Technology Development Plan 
  • Roadmap F – Internationalization Plan 
  • Roadmap G – Technology Development and Commercialization Plan