TSU Brand Manual

TSU Brand Manual

Branding, beyond symbols and graphical elements, is a statement – a compilation of stories, values, beliefs, and aspirations influencing the institution’s visual depiction to the public.

A comprehensive set of guidelines on proper brand usage maintains and safeguards the legitimacy and reputation of the institution while ascertaining its linkages within and outside. By adhering to this set of guidelines, Tarlac State University, along with the auxiliary offices and organization, can efficiently and effectively provide service of quality through communicating in a more formal and consistent manner.

As an integral part of executing the visual representation of Tarlac State University through promotion and communication, it is imperative that the TSU Community practices uniformity and consistency in using the University’s graphical elements, particularly the TSU Official Seal. This manual shall serve as the key reference to control the reproduction and usage of materials for the University’s graphical elements and their use in communication and promotion for internal and external affairs. Since the TSU Official Seal is a Registered Trademark, the Brand Manual establishes the standards that shall protect not only the overall appearance of the seal but most importantly the integrity and reputation of the institution at large.

Besides the seal itself, the Brand Manual narrates the vision, mission, core values, and development goals to help the potential audiences understand and recognize the importance of maintaining the TSU’s identity and distinction from other institutions along with the graphical elements. The manual shall help the users understand that conforming to these standards adds great value to the service the institution is expected to deliver.

All requests for usage and reproduction of the TSU Official Seal (available in a variety of formats) as well as the approval thereof shall be routed through the Technology Development, Transfer, and Commercialization Office. If you seek further assistance on usage, please contact the office directly: [email protected]