College of Industrial Technology

The College of Industrial Technology aims to provide education and training in various aspects of industrial and manufacturing processes to response to local, national and international (Industrial Technology) manpower needs and to integrate the required technical knowledge and skills of industrial technology principles with desirable values, work ethics and skills competency that allows them to be immediately competitive in the industry.


Program outcomes for the BIndTech 

  1. Ability to analyze broadly defined industrial technology process by using analytical tools that enhance creativity, innovativeness, and intellectual curiosity to improve methods, processes and systems that meet the industry standards. 
  2. Ability to design and implement broadly defined industrial systems, components, products, or processes to meet industry needs with proficiency and flexibility in the area of specialization in accordance with global standards. 
  3. Ability to apply appropriate techniques, resources, and state of the art industrial technology tools to meet current industry needs and use these modern tools and processes to improve and increase entrepreneurial activities upholding the safety and health standards of business and industry. 
  4. Ability to communicate with diverse group of clienteles the appropriate cultural language with clarity and persuasion, in both oral and written forms, including understanding and giving of clear instructions, high comprehension level, effectiveness in delivering presentation and writing documents, and articulating technological innovation outputs. 
  5. Ability to developed leadership and management skills in a team-based environment by making informed decisions, keeping the team motivated, acting and delegating responsibility, and inspiring positive changes in the organization by exercising responsibility with integrity and accountability in the practice of one’s profession. 
  6. Ability to practice the moral responsibilities of an industrial technologist to manage and balance wider public interest and uphold the norms and safety standards of the industrial technology profession. 
  7. Ability to demonstrate enthusiasm and passion for continuous personal and professional development in broadly defined industrial technology and affecting positive changes in the entrepreneurial and industrial endeavor. 
  8. Ability to recognize the need for, and an ability to engage in lifelong learning.