About Public Affairs and Information

           The Office of Public Affairs and Information (OPAI) is currently headed by Prof. Winifredo L. Luis. It is a unit under the Office of the Vice President for Institutional Linkages and External Affairs. Its general function is to execute internal and external dissemination of information on university matters and establish community relations which will promote and enhance the public image of the University through public/media relations and communications.

            The OPAI serves as the point of entry for community organizations or establishments yearning to work with the University, specifically on the holding of activities within the university premises. The Office is responsible for organizing media events, developing university-related stories for general release, and gathering and consolidating information about relevant activities undertaken, programs and projects of the University.

The following are OPAI’s other duties and responsibilities:

  • Publish the University Annual Report before the 2nd Quarter of the year
  • Submit the University Quarterly Accomplishment Reports
  • Publish and distribute The Bulletin to stakeholders monthly
  • Post news articles and photos online
  • Broadcast activities and events including recorded materials and publish university-related activities in local media outfits.
  • Cover and produce photos and videos of university activities
  • Process and approve tarps, posters and other physical promo collaterals to be posted within the premises of the university.
  • Update the Audio-Visual Presentation (AVP) of the University
  • Produce brochures for the University