TSU, NHCP, La Paz town pay tribute to Gen. Macabulos  

Date Posted: 09/19/2020

In preparation for the sesquicentennial or 150th birth anniversary of General Francisco Macabulos, Tarlac State University’s Center for Tarlaqueño Studies launched a lecture-webinar on Wednesday (September 16) in collaboration with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, National Quincentennial Committee, National Commission for Culture and the Arts, and Local Government of La Paz. 

The three-hour afternoon lecture-webinar entitled “Macabulos Bienvenido! Bayan, Kalayaan” was graced by Dr. Lino Dizon, Tarlaqueño Studies head, as a resource speaker along with Prof. Jaime Veneracion and public historian Xiao Chua. 

Dr. Dizon, a newly appointed NHCP commissioner, stated in a previous interview with the Office of Public Affairs that he would like to raise public consciousness about the rich history of the province of Tarlac and, as such, will exert effort in preparing a celebration for the sesquicentennial of the local hero. 

Macabulos’ efforts led to the inclusion of Tarlac province in the eight provinces that revolted against Spain represented by the rays of the sun in the Philippine flag. According to Chua, this is a mistake that Aguinaldo corrected as seen on the wood carving located at the ceiling of his house wherein Bataan was replaced by Tarlac among the rays. 

Macabulos led the [local] chapter katipunans in Tarlac during the 1896 Philippine revolution against Spain. Macabulos continued the struggle despite President Emilio Aguinaldo’s truce with the Spaniards in Biak-na-Bato in 1897,” Chua said. 

Dr. Dizon also authored the book “Francisco Makabulos Soliman: A Biographical Study of a Local Revolutionary Hero” which can help Tarlaqueños prepare for the celebration, according to TSU president Dr. Myrna Q. Mallari. 

“Locate him [Macabulos] on his rightful place [in] Philippine history which is up there with the other foremost heroes in our country. Just remember not to forget him in the history; let it always be a Bienvenido for General Macabulos,” Pres. Mallari said in her message during the lecture – webinar. 

Meanwhile, the MAHARLIKA students from the College of Teacher Education (CTEd) created the “Macabulos @ 150” logo which is eyed to be used for the sesquicentennial celebration on September 15, 2021. Dr. Dizon said they are still waiting for the approval of the NHCP to use it as the official logo. 

Deyo Carlos Dela Cruz and Lander Tejada, also from CTEd, served as moderators for the lecture-webinar. 

Gen. Francisco Macabulos, who was branded as the Tarlac liberator, was born on September 17, 1871 to Gregoria Soliman and writer Alejandro. He was also a playwright and wrote several zarzuelas. 

He served as the military governor of the Tarlac province from 1898-1900 and municipal mayor of La Paz town from 1900-1902. 

The revolutionary hero died on April 20, 1922 in a bout of pneumonia at age 51. [Maria Adelaida D. Calayag] 

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