3 TSU SOL students hurdle 2019 Bar Exam  

Date Posted: 05/01/2020

Three TSU School of Law (SOL) students passed the November 2019 Bar Examinations as announced by the Supreme Court through sc.judiciary.gov.ph on April 29, 2020. 

Ruth Hazel Galang, Dominic Oswald Halili, and Theresa Reotutar are among the 2,103 Bar exam passers out of 7,685 takers nationwide.

This year’s 27.36 percent passing rate is higher than the 2018 passing, which is 22.07 percent.  

According to Senior Associate Justice and Bar Chairman Estela Perlas Bernabe, the Court en Banc decided to lower the passing rate from 75 to 74 percent because of “the discerned need for younger and technologically adept lawyers to help different fronts of society as we meet the peculiar challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and transition to the new normal.” 

The new TSU lawyers

The three passers managed to juggle their time between law school and other priorities such as their job and respective family obligations.

Galang, 25, a TSU AB Communication graduate in 2015 who also worked as a technical staff at the TSU Office of Public Affairs and Information, is a first time taker of the Bar exam.

She said staying home while Tarlac province is on Enhanced Community Quarantine has added to her anxiety in waiting for the results.  

"Unlike before, Bar takers would actually do drinking sprees or go anywhere just to distract themselves. But now, I was just stuck in our home. I couldn't sleep well," Galang added. 

Galang resigned from her job to focus on her last year in law school. She treated every exam and revalida as if she was already taking the Bar exam. 

While preparing for the Bar, she attended a number of mock bar examinations and would read cases for nine to 12 hours.

"For those who didn't make it, my heart goes out to you. Your time will come. I know you did your best and I am always proud of you," Galang said when asked about her message to fellow Bar examinees.  

Reotutar, 40, who is one of the dean's listers and also a first time taker of the Bar exam, learned that she passed the exam through her husband, Mr. Paul Victor Reotutar .

She recalled how she would memorize the provisions of the law back when she was a freshman student even when she does not fully understand it. 

"As I progress in law school, I understand the law better and memorized some provisions of law by heart because there is repetition. I see to it that I will come to school prepared for the recitation," she said in an online interview.

Reotutar managed her time with her studies and two children.

Meanwhile, 32-year-old Halili is a second time taker who received a 73.0930% grade in the 2018 Bar Exam.

Halili shared that his previous grade was posted in his study table to serve as an inspiration to get a higher grade in the 2019 Bar.

On his second attempt, he stayed at home, created a strict schedule, and self-reviewed for the Bar. 

"I read cases, mostly, used my old notes, and a 2018 Reviewer, and no other. I didn’t have any interests on those pre-week and last minute notes.  I chose to master what I already have. Perseverance, hard work, and properly distributed rest periods ought to do it," he said.

He further said prayers were the main reason for him to pass the Bar exam. 

Halili plans to further train and practice at a law office where he is currently employed. He plans to have his own law office in the future.


Every Saturday, the SOL billets the Bar candidates at a hotel for free. SOL shoulders the expenses amounting to 300,000 to 350,000 pesos a month including transportation.

According to Atty. Dela Rama, SOL initiates projects like Deans’ Cup Golf Tournament and fun run to raise funds.  

TSU also invites top caliber professors and reviewers from Manila to give special lectures a week before the Bar exams. However, Bar candidates are also given the freedom to choose their preferred Bar review after graduation.

The usual number of TSU Bar exam takers is around 12 to 20.

In 2014, six TSU SOL graduates passed the bar – the highest number of passers recorded since the first batch in 2012.

"We prepare our students from first year. We have revalida oral exams at the end of every semester and mock bar exams to prepare them for the Bar," said Dean Atty. Dela Rama.

The TSU SOL currently has two bar topnotchers among its roster of faculty members.  

"With [the] full support of TSU like acquiring new books, modernization of facilities, upgrad[ing] of library and improv[ing] Wi-Fi connection for online teaching and research, we can also beat Manila law schools in the future," Dela Rama further said. [Maria Adelaida Calayag]

2019 Bar Passers

In photos: New TSU laywers Galang, Halili, and Reotutar