TSU gears up front liners with face shields  

Date Posted: 03/25/2020

TSU volunteers are targeting to create 200 to 300 face shields for the protection of front liners in the city and province battling the spread of COVID-19. 

Spearheaded by TSU officials, the face shield task force was created immediately in response to the needs of front liners.

The head gear of the face shield prototype was made out of 3D printing. Other materials to make the face shield are PVC cover, rubber mat, Velcro (hook-and-loop fastener), and strap.

Like a production line, faculty members and personnel who are working at the Engineering Library were divided per team to work on a step-by-step procedure and create the face shields in five to seven minutes.

TSU will distribute the face shields tomorrow (March 26) to the front liners of Central Luzon Doctors Hospital, Tarlac Provincial Hospital, and Jecsons Medical Center. 

Two other groups in TSU have been busy extending their help in curbing the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The face mask task force, who targeted to sew 1,000 pieces, has already created and distributed 744 masks to hospitals and checkpoints as of March 25.

Yesterday, the College of Science faculty made 170 bottles of alcohol-based sanitizers. They will be working to create more once additional materials have been procured. 

The university also prepared 250 food packs for the second batch of distribution. 100 food packs were handed over to the Tarlac City Government for their distribution while the remaining were given to Tarlaqueños who became jobless due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine. 

“To the heroes of TSU who [whole]heartedly help[ed] in producing face masks, [face] shields, and sanitizers for our front liners; and those who help[ed] in packing of goods, mabuhay po kayo! Thanks to everyone who share[d] their resources [to] buy the needed goods [for] those affected by (the) enhanced community quarantine,” University President Dr. Myrna Q. Mallari said in message to the volunteers. 

TSU 3 Face Shield Assembly Line

TSU 3 Face Shield Via 3D Printer

TSU 3 Face Shield Prototype

TSU 3 Face Shield Tried On By Faculty