TSU gets 97.73 percent in REE, claims 10th spot in RME  

Date Posted: 09/06/2019

TARLAC STATE UNIVERSITY attained a passing percentage of 97.73 for the first-time takers in the August 2019 Registered Electrical Engineer (REE) Licensure Examination and an 85.11 passing percentage in the September 2019 Registered Master Electrician (RME) Licensure Examination which makes the university the 10th best performing school. 

43 out of 44 first takers passed the REE board exam which yielded the high passing percentage for the university while 44 out of 53 overall passed the said board exam eventually giving TSU an 83.02 passing percentage as against the 67.15 national passing rate. 

Meanwhile, TSU showed a better performance in the RME board exam by being named as the 10th top performing school in the country with 40 passers out of 47 takers garnering an 85.11 passing percentage. The national passing rate for the RME boards is 59.54 percent. 

In addition, there are 444 schools who took part in the RME board exam while there are only 186 for the REE board exam. 

The REE board exam is administered alongside the RME board exam by the Professional Regulation Commission’s (PRC) Board of Electrical Engineering. It serves as the culminating exam for engineering students who wish to apply their electrical engineering skills professionally.