University Physicians Warns vs Infectious Diseases  

Date Posted: 02/13/2019

The University Medical Services Office led by Dr. Rommel M. Hernandez issued last February 13 a medical advisory calling for the “strict implementation of infection control on every individual diagnosed with (infectious) diseases.”

Hernandez noted an increase in the number of cases of infectious diseases in the university and advised the concerned persons to follow strictly the recommendations indicated on the medical certificates to be issued.”

He identified these infectious diseases as measles, chicken pox, community acquired pneumonia and conjunctivitis (or sore eyes).

The university physician added that they are transmitted airborne (through water droplets) and through “talking or close contact in enclosed spaces.”

He said the signs of measles are cough, colds, sore eyes, fever and rashes.

Community acquired pneumonia, he said, is accompanied by cough, usually with phlegm, moderate to high-grade fever, and later, breathing difficulty.

“If you have (these) signs and symptoms, kindly visit our University Clinics for proper evaluation and management,” he said.

“This is to prevent further health complications and spread, since these diseases are highly contagious,” he added. [OPAI]