150 Join Seminar on Women Empowerment  

Date Posted: 03/08/2019

Some 150 personnel of the Tarlac State University participated in a university-wide seminar titled “Women Empowerment: Health, Wealth, Safety and Well-being in the Workplace” last March 4 at the main campus audio-visual room.

Dr. Corazon Aguilar-David, the seminar’s resource speaker, divided her talk into four areas of discussion: Health, Wealth, Safety and Well-Being.

She discussed women’s right to health as enshrined in the following laws: the Labor Code of the Philippines; the Anti-Hospital Deposit Law; the Civil Service Commission’s rules on sick leave; Republic Act 9710 (Magna Carta of Women); and the Early Retirement Law.

As examples, she cited women’s right against illegal detention; their right to be admitted in the hospital on emergency cases even in the absence of money for deposit; their right to menstrual leave and to sick leave even without available leave credits; their right to PhilHealth coverage; and their right to be exempted from night-shift work.

The Women in Nation Building Act, the Labor Code of the Philippines, the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards, the Civil Code of the Philippines, and the Cooperative Code of the Philippines, she said, ensure that women enjoy their right to wealth. She then proceeded to elaborate on each item.

Women’s right to safety was another topic Aguilar-David explored, touching on the Philippine Constitution, the Anti-Sexual Harassment Law, the Building Code of the Philippines, and the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

But these rights, she cautioned, are not without limitations.

For instance, she said, “a woman worker may only avail of the menstrual leave if she is still in her reproductive age.”

Other examples she cited: “The right to hospital admission without deposit applies only on emergency cases and there remains the obligation to pay the hospital bill upon execution of a promissory note.”

She capped the seminar by emphasizing the importance of a “good mental well-being,” adding that it “will have an impact on your daily functioning, including your behavior and production.”

David holds five degrees: Bachelor of Arts in English; Bachelor of Laws; Master of Public Administration; Master of Professional Studies major in Educational Supervision; and Doctor of Education major in Human Rights Advocacy Course.

Her awards include: Best Trainer Award (given by the Philippine National Police); the Ruby Soroptimist International Pennsylvania Award; the Women Helping Women Award; the Best Legislation Analysis Award (given by the United Nations Development Program); the Natatanging Kawani ng Pamahalaan Award; and the Woman of Distinction Award. [OPAI]