OIC, “understudy officers” designated for VPILEA, VPAA, CASS  

Date Posted: 01/04/2019

Dr. Armee N. Rosel, Vice President for Research and Extension Service, will concurrently head the office of the Vice President for Institutional Linkages and External Affairs from January 14 to May 31, 2019 as officer-in-charge.

In an administrative order dated January 3, 2019, President Myrna Q. Mallari designated Rosel as temporary replacement for Dr. Louella F. Ona, who will be on sabbatical leave starting January 15.

In related developments, Dr. Agnes M. Macaraeg, Dean of the College of Arts and Social Sciences, has been designated as “understudy officer of the Vice President for Academic Affairs” and Dr. Aloysius T. Madriaga, a CASS senior faculty member, has been designated as “understudy officer” of the Dean’s office of CASS.

As “understudy officers” they will “study the administration and operation” of their new offices by spending half day there “on a daily basis.” It is understood that as “understudy officers” they are expected to eventually occupy their assigned office as full-fledged vice president or dean. [OPAI]