CCJE Dean Timpac is Concurrent Lucinda Campus Administrator  

Date Posted: 08/03/2018

If there’s something strange at the Lucinda Campus who do you call?

Dean Theodore M. Timpac.

Dr. Timpac, Dean of the College of Criminal Justice Education, has been designated as Campus Administrator of the Lucinda Campus of the Tarlac State University starting August 1.

In an administrative order dated July 26, TSU President Myrna Q. Mallari said the CCJE Dean will serve in a concurrent capacity.

Dr. Mallari said that as Campus Administrator, Dean Timpac will “help look into the orderliness, safety and security of the students, faculty and other stakeholders of the (Lucinda) Campus.”

President Mallari said Dean Timpac is tasked to “initiate development programs” benefiting Lucinda Campus but subject to existing policies and approval of the Vice President for Administration and Finance, Dr. Glenard T. Madriaga.

Dean Timpac is also mandated to implement and monitor the implementation of “policies, rules and regulations, including the development and maintenance of facilities, with the assistance of concerned officers.”

Located inside the 10-hectare Lucinda Campus are the College of Education, the College of Criminal Justice Education and the College of Nursing. The College of Business Administration is partly located at the Lucinda Campus. [OPAI]