TSU Intramurals 2018 CBA Rules Annual Sports Fest Anew  

Date Posted: 04/10/2018

                With the theme “supremacy,” colleges of the Tarlac State University battled it out for the sought-after annual TSU Intramurals championship held last April 10 -14, 2018.

                The College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) Green Tigers once again dominated the field as the green shirts claimed their historical three-peat championship this year. Showing grit right on the opening day, the green tigers snared the gold in the cheerleading competition, pocketing their 4th straight championship in the event.

                Meanwhile, chief rival College of Education (COEd) Golden Eagles highlighted its domination in the table tennis women’s division with Julie Anne Cawigan, a consistent SCUAA representative outclassing the competition.

                Over at the dance hall, the College of Engineering and Technology (CET) Maroon Sharks emerged victorious as they bagged 1st place in the standard category, showcasing great finishes in the Tango and Quick-step minor categories.

                Ultimately, the green tigers showed great class and  a powerful  all-around performance which netted them 77 golds, 60 silvers and 42 bronzes. The College of Education was second with 74 golds, 54 silvers and 65 bronzes, while the Engineering maroon sharks finished third overall with 39 golds, 54 silvers and 54 bronzes.