Bam Aquino Brings Edukasyon Caravan to TSU  

Date Posted: 04/25/2018

Led by Senator Paulo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV, the Edukasyon Caravan touched down at the TSU grounds last April 25, at the Dr. Mario P. Manese Gymnasium.

The Senator was welcomed by hundreds of students as he stepped into the gymnasium amid cheers and clapping. The program was formally opened by the president of the university, Dr. Myrna Q. Mallari, who proudly presented the head of the caravan. Dr. Mallari described Senator Bam as an excellent law maker, a great academic achiever, a student leader himself and a humble son of Tarlac.

 The Senator gamely acknowledged the cheers and spoke to the adoring crowd. There was a moment of deafening silence as he spoke about the hardships of life, but quickly roused the audience as the senator retorted, “ pero ngayonlibre na ang tuition fee!” ( today, tuition is now free!}

Senator bam is the principal sponsor and co-author of R.A. 10931, or the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act, which aims, among other things, provide free education to deserving college students.

Darwin Marquez, a student of the College of Education recounted the hardships his family underwent just to provide him with education, especially with regards to finances. But now that tertiary education in SUCs is now free, he can now continue studying without worrying too much. He also narrated how his family was able to put up a sari-sari ­store to sustain their needs with money that would have been otherwise used to pay his tuition fees.

Another, Josh Cawigan of the College of Public Administration and Governance got to share his story to the crowd. He reminisced how he had to stop schooling due to poverty.  He expressed his sadness and envied other people who could chase their dreams through education. Now, his aspiration of going to an institution which provides quality education is no longer just a dream. With tearful eyes and full of hope, he expressed his thanks to the senator.

                The venue was filled with a hopeful mood, and ended with students wearing smiles  and expressions of thanks and support for  Senator Bam. Through the Edukasyon Caravan, students like Mr. Marquez and Mr. Cawigan can now take pride in earning a diploma without shedding a cent – sharing a dream with all Filipinos of gaining free education and achieving success.