Advisory (Transferees and Shifters)

Date posted: 07/09/2020

The University will entertain the processing of documents of transferees after assessing the total number of enrollees by first week of August.
Acceptance of transferees is subject to the availability of slots and the academic standing of students following the University policies.
Shifting within the college and to CHED priority programs in another college may be allowed subject to the availability of slots and academic standing of students.
CHED Priority Programs (CMO No. 5, s. 2019)
⁃ BS Chemistry
⁃ BS Criminology
⁃ BS Environmental Science
⁃ BS Information Technology
⁃ BS Computer Science
⁃ BS Information System
⁃ BS Architecture
⁃ BS Civil Engineering
⁃ BS Electrical Engineering
⁃ BS Electronics Engineering
⁃ BS Industrial Engineering
⁃ BS Mechanical Engineering
⁃ BS Food Technology
⁃ BS Math
⁃ BS Hospitality Management

July 9 Advisory 2