TSU CAT 2020: Last day of confirmation of enrollment

Date posted: 06/15/2020

To all incoming qualified freshmen, you have one (1) day left to confirm your slot for enrollment! (via https://cat.tsu.edu.ph)

Steps to follow to confirm your enrollment:

1. Enter the necessary details and click the “confirm slot for (program)” button.

NOTE: It is indicated in the test results that changing of program/course is not allowed.

2. Answer the ECQ survey.

3. Upload the required documents such as the PSA/NSO/Local Civil Registry birth certificate.

If the other documents are not yet available (i.e. good moral certificate, report card, photo), the freshman will be temporarily admitted to the University.

NOTE: Falsification of documents will be dealt with accordingly.

For technical concerns, send an email to helpdesk@tsu.edu.ph