Updates on the TSU Post-ECQ Plans and Actions

Date posted: 04/22/2020

The following are updates from relevant concerns on the TSU POST-ECQ Plans and Actions gathered through social media comments:


▸The TSU College Admission Test results are currently being finalized and will be released at the earliest possible time. We hope for your patience until then. In the meantime, kindly secure your application number as it will be used to view the results.

▸TSU is currently making arrangements for the 226 admission test takers originally scheduled on March 13 which was postponed due to the suspension of classes. New test schedule will be announced later.

▸For examinees who failed to appear during their appointed exam date, the university will have to analyze the statistics first before deciding if the exam can still be administered.

▸Any questions/concerns on the TSU CAT will be properly addressed and duly announced on appropriate dates.



▸For students who need to submit an equivalency letter for certain subjects, please coordinate with your respective college deans.

▸For those who are planning to shift to another major or transfer to TSU, kindly wait for further announcements. 

▸Decision is not yet available for scholars’ concerns on maintaining grades. Please wait for further announcements.


▸The TSU Graduate School will not be accepting new students for the 3rd Trimester of A.Y. 2019-2020. To those who have already submitted their requirements, it will be valid for the 1stTrimester, A.Y. 2020-2021 Graduate School Admission Test.

▸For graduate school students who will be taking their comprehensive exams, please coordinate with your respective deans for further details.

▸Submission of final requirements, such as copies of their hardbound thesis, is extended. For more information, please coordinate with your respective deans. 


▸Students' grades may be posted via the TSU Faculty Portal once done with the computation.