TSU Memorandum Order No. 17, s. 2020: Enhanced School Intervention Against the Coronavirus

Date posted: 03/10/2020

Amidst the threat of coronavirus and in compliance to the advisories of the Department of Health, Department of Labor and Employment, Civil Service Commission, and other government entities, the University is implementing the following measures, effective immediately:

1. Suspension of the RFID as requirement of the student to the University and "No ID, No Entry" policy shall be sustained.
2. Use of the college shirt or any TSU shirt as uniform.
3. Suspension of the attendance of students in the Flag Ceremony every Tuesday.
4. Restricted use of air-conditioning units to a minimum temperature of 25°C, if necessary and feasible.
5. Avoidance of organizing and attending events with big number of participants.
6. Cancellation of planned events or mass gatherings.
7. Provision of alcohol/disinfectants at the entrance of the University/College/Office/classroom, if possible.
8. Use of videoconferencing or online meetings, if available.
9. Holding of meetings in open spaces, if possible.
10. Suspension of the use of school elevators, except when necessary.
11. Practice of self-protection measures:
a. No handshaking
b. Promote cough and sneezing etiquette.
c. Sanitize hands regularly.
d. Disinfect high-touch surfaces.
e. Limit food handling and sharing.

The Medical Unit of the University will conduct regular monitoring and supervision of students' and personnel's health and well-being. Please consult the Unit for early signs of health risks.

We shall overcome the coronavirus with our concerted efforts against its spread.

Source: TSU Memorandum Order No. 17, s. 2020