Expanded Guidelines for the Professorial Chair Award

Date posted: 11/26/2013

Tarlac State University acknowledges its continuing need for highly qualified and competent faculty researchers. A Professorial Chair is a vital tool to maintain and build upon the University’s tradition of excellence in teaching and research. With the current realities of University funding, TSU must actively seek support from benefactors to endow a Professorial Chair either in part or in perpetuity. Through this endowment program it hopes to remain competitive. Specifically, the Professorial Chair Program seeks to encourage faculty members to engage in scholarly research endeavor; stimulate scholarship and professionalism among the faculty; and provide financial support for research undertakings of faculty members.

The following guidelines shall be used in the selection of Professorial Chair Occupants and shall cover all established Professorial Chairs in the University. All Professorial Chairs are research-based. The sole basis of the award is merit. 

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