About Institutional Linkages

The Office of Institutional Linkages is a unit under the Office of the Vice President for Institutional Linkages and External Affairs and is currently headed by Dr. Robert V. Marcos.  Its general function is to initiate the exploration of linkages with local and foreign entities in the form of research collaborations, sponsorship of conferences, faculty and student exchange, scholarships, endowments and other related matter.

The office also has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Act as the repository of all documents (memoranda of agreement, memoranda of understanding, contracts, etc.) establishing linkages of the university with foreign or local: colleges or universities; government agencies; local government units; public or private organizations; and people’s organizations.
  • Initiate, plan, execute and oversee linkage undertakings of the University.
  • Cooperate in the implementation of the student exchange program with the entities affiliated with TSU.
  • Facilitate the endorsement and application of students at Tarlac State University who are interested to participate in student exchange programs in both domestic and international institutions.    
  • Offer assistance and support to foreign exchange students within the university under the benefit of a Memorandum of Agreement between their home university and Tarlac State University.