Quality Policy and Objectives Office of the VP ILEA

Quality Policy

                The Office of the Vice President for Institutional Linkages and External Affairs is committed to provide leadership and strategic direction in creating an exceptional international learning environment for TSU students and faculty and provide opportunities for them to be trained as valuable global leaders.

Quality Objectives

  1. To oversee and recommend action in the forging of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs) with local and foreign entities through the Director for Institutional Linkages and Director for International Affairs.
  2. To supervise the facilitation of linkage activities of colleges and units within the university by the Director of Institutional Linkages.
  3. Ensures the smooth implementation of Transnational Education Programs and International Faculty and Student Mobility Programs.
  4. Directs the publication and distribution of various reports, newsletters and brochures of the University through the director of the Office of Public Affairs and Information.
  5. Ensures that university activities are well-documented and information within the university is disseminated in local print/broadcast media outfits.
  6. Guarantees the facilitation of Alumni activities, reunions and events.
  7. Ensures the institutionalization of student’s tracking through the creating and updating of the Alumni web portal.
  8. Ensures the generation of support from the alumni in the form of donations, equipment, scholarship grants and other dorms of endowment.