Message VP for Institutional Linkages and External Affairs

Message from the Vice President

Mam OnaOur vision in TSU is to be a premier university in the Asia Pacific Region.

It is a vision supporting the facilitation of actions which advance our thinking and learning as we keep up with the social, cultural and technological changes not only in the Asia Pacific Region, but throughout the world.

The Office of the Vice President for Institutional Linkages and External Affairs (VP-ILEA) was established in line with this vision to provide leadership and strategic direction in creating an exceptional international learning environment for the TSU students and faculty and provide opportunities for them to be trained as valuable global leaders.

With the emergence of the Office of Institutional Linkages and External Affairs, collaborations with the international communities especially among countries in the Asia Pacific Region have been given more attention. The University’s linkages with local and foreign entities will be further strengthened.

The units under this Office are the: Office of Institutional Linkages, Office of International Affairs, Office of Public Affairs and Information and the Alumni Affairs Office. It is here where linkages and support from local and foreign entities and the TSU alumni are continuously being worked on to gain more sponsorships, scholarships, international exchange programs, research collaborations and more – all for the benefit of our beloved students.

Through the Office of the VP for ILEA, Tarlac State University is perceived to become an academic abode and a welcoming institution where differences in gender, religion and ethnicity are put aside and emphasis is given on the students’ strength of character and best quality education.

This website will let you explore and take part in TSU’s unceasing mission of cultivating minds and hearts that are globally competitive – students and graduates who are not only knowledgeable about the world but also appreciative and sensitive to the world’s diversity.

This is the Office of Institutional Linkages and External Affairs.

We welcome you to Tarlac State University.


Louella F. Ona, Ed.D.
Vice President, Institutional Linkages and External Affairs