College of Teacher Education Overview



            The Tarlac University (TSU) traces its roots in 1906 when it was established as a provincial elementary trade school that became a secondary school offering a complete trade curriculum in 1924.

            As it reopened in 1945 (it was closed during the Second World War), it started offering a two-year special trade curriculum, the Evening  Opportunity Classes (EOC) that accommodated war veterans and eventually, in 1952, admitted girls to courses in Practical Arts like Dressmaking, Foods and Cosmetology.

            With the passage of Republic Act No. 2427 in 1959, the school was converted into a nationalized Tarlac School of Arts and Trade (TSAT), offering a two-year technical education course.

            In 1965, TSAT became Tarlac College of Technology (Republic Act No. 4337) College of Arts and Trades.  Initially it offered Secondary and Technical Education.  Later, Resolution No. 36 dated March 10, 1966, authorized the offering of the third year of BSIE major in Industrial Arts and Home Economics. And in July 1967, TCT CAT offered the complete BSIE Curriculum (BSIE I-A and BSIE – HE).

            Under the presidency of Mr.  Mario P. Manese, the TCT Code was approved on March 20, 1968. On the same year Mr. Jack Smith was appointed Superintendent of the TCT CAT while Mr. Ernesto O. Cosme, the Chairman of the Teacher Education Department.

            During the SY 1968-1969,  Evening and Saturday College Class (ESCC) was opened with an initial enrolment of 35 students.

            School Year 1969-1970 marked the first year of implementation of the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education major in Home Economics (BEEd HE) in place of BSIE HE.

            The  department continually revised its offerings to meet the needs of the times and of the community . In the SY 1974-1975, Shop work, Physics, Mathematics, and General Science were added to Industrial Arts as majors in BSIE. Bachelor of Science in Home Technology (BSHT) was implemented to replace BSEEd HE  (Resolution No. 307, s. 1974).

            In June 1983, Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) was added to the curricular offerings of the College  (Resolution No. 21, s. 1983)

            In May, 1990, Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) with majors in General Science, Home Economics and Technology (HET), Mathematics, and Social Studies was offered together with the existing courses in BSIE IA, BSHT, and BEEd (Resolution No. 12, s. 1990).

            In 1993, the BEEd Programwas offered with specialization (Resolution No.15, s.1993) namely: Mathematics, Science and Health Education, Social Studies, and Home Economics and technology.

            In 1996, additional specializations were offered: Physical Education, Health and Music (PEHM) and Music, Arts and Physical Education (MAPE) for BSEd and BEEd, respectively.

            School Year 1997-1998 was a breakthrough in the history  of the College of Education when it opened its classes and its new home, the RICE Building at the Lucinda Campus. (In 1976, Spouses Serafin and Lucinda David donated the 10-hectare lot situated at Maliwalo and Ungot, Tarlac City now known as the TSU Lucinda Campus.) On December 11, 1997 the College under the deanship of Dr. Carmelita F. Alonzo was granted by AACUP the LEVEL I Candidate Status.

            After three years, under the leadership of OIC Dean Dr. Ahmed H. Garcia, the Teacher Education Program qualified for the Accredited Status on December 13, 2000. And on March 18, 2004, the Industrial, Secondary and Elementary Teacher Education Programs were awarded Level II Re-Accredited Status.

            Starting SY 2005-2006, the College had implemented the CHEd-proposed programs (CMO No. 40 s. 2004) for Elementary and Secondary curricula: BEEd Generalist and BSEd with majors in Mathematics; Physical Sciences; Biological Sciences; Social Studies; Technology and Livelihood Education; and Music, Arts, Physical and Health Education. Consequently, English and Filipino were added as majors to the BSED program starting School Year 2006-2007 (Resolution No.4, s.2006).

            On March 5-7, 2008, the College undergone the 3rd Survey Accreditation spearheaded by former Dean Dr. Carmelita B. Hilario but the AACUP decided to defer the status of the three programs to qualify for Level III. The result of the evaluation served as a motivating challenge for the Re-visit which took place on August 4-6, 2009 where the College was finally qualified for Level III. Starting SY 2009-2010, the College opened its additional course offering BEEd major in Pre-School Education (Resolution No.79, s.2008). 


The Tarlac State University shall be a comprehensive institution of excellence in higher education for total human development.


The Tarlac State University is committed to develop, promote and sustain the efficiency of quality and relevant programs in higher education for people empowerment, professional development and global competitiveness.


To develop the College of Education as a Center of Excellence for Teacher Education in the Region by:

  • offering relevant programs in the development of mentors;
  • producing highly motivated, skilled, globally competitive and research-oriented graduates imbued with positive values; and
  • strengthening the curricular programs in the secondary, undergraduate, and the graduate studies