College of Engineering Overview


In an environment valuing freedom, excellence and equity, TSU shall provide and maintain relevant instruction, research, extension and production programs efficiently and effectively or develop responsible members of the society imbued with critical and creative thinking.


To offer curricular programs that will educate and train men and women responsibility and leadership in engineering practice consistent with development needs and to develop the college of engineering as a center of excellence in engineering education in Region III.


To promote technically-trained professionals who could lend support in:


  1. The design and construction of building, transport system , geotechnics and other civil works;
  2. The design, development, production, and operation of machines and devices.
  3. The design, installation, operations and maintenance of electrical system and apparatuses related to the generation and utilization of energy for commercial and industrial purposes;
  4. The design , improvement and installation of integrated system of men, materials and equipment for industrial application ; and
  5. The design, manufacture fabrication and analysis of semi-conductors and other electronic circuits and/or devices understand and apply the concepts of broadcasting telecommunication and signal processing industrial and commercial application