College of Education Awards

Qualified for Level III by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities
Center Of Training for Institution for Dep-Ed Certificate and Inset Program.
Overall 1st Runner-up TSU Intramurals 2013
Overall Champion- TSU Founding Anniversary Celebration 2012
Overall 2nd Runner-up TSU Intramurals 2012

  1. Billiards (Women)- Champion
  2. Taekwondo (Women)- Champion
  3. Darts (Men)- Champion
  4. Cheer dance Competition- 1st Runner up
  5. Darts (Women)- 1st Runner up
  6. Dance Sports (Latin) 1st Runner up, (Standard) Champion
  7. Volleyball (women) 1st Runner up
  8. Futsal (women) 1st Runner up
  9. Lawn Tennis 2nd Runner up
  10. Badminton- 2nd Runner up
  11. Taekwondo (Men)- 2nd Runner up
  12. Ms. Intramurals 2012
  13. Basketball (Men and Women)- 2nd Runner up
  14. Chess 2nd Runner up
  15. Mr. Intramurals 3rd Runner up
  16. Soccer 2nd Runner up