College of Computer Studies Overview


TSU Academic Affairs Quality Policy

The TSU Academic Affairs, through its colleges and offices, is committed to continually sustain the delivery of excellent instruction, research, extension and student support services that are compliant with applicable regulatory and statutory requirements for utmost satisfaction of all stakeholders, to ensure their health and safety, and to reduce environmental impact in its operations.


The College of Science aims to provide quality education in sciences and mathematics thru progressive and innovative instruction, research and extension to produce competent graduates responsive to a dynamic domestic and international environment.


  1. To achieve 1.0 % increase in the performance of first-time licensure exam passers to first-time licensure exam takers.
  2. To attain 80% employment rate of graduates within two years after graduation.
  3. To achieve 100% qualification standards set by SUC Leveling, Institutional Sustainability Assessment, Program and Institutional Accreditation, PBB targets, CHED COD/COE qualification.
  4. To have 100% provision of required laboratory equipment and facilities for all laboratory courses.
  5. To provide safe and healthy environment for teaching and learning and observance of safer work practices.
  6. To achieve at least 90% satisfactory rating of customers with no individual rating below 85%