Administrative Services Unit QEHS Objectives


1.1   To process payroll within appropriate time frames and comply with relevant laws, policies, rules and regulations.

1.2   To timely remit contributions and payroll deductions.

1.3   To prepare payment vouchers for bills and utilities within prescribed time frames while observing due dates.

1.4   To collect Daily Time Records and Certificate of Service within prescribed time.

1.5   To provide fast and timely printing/reproduction of various documents and forms needed by the University.

1.6   To prepare and submit needed reports on or before the set deadlines or within the prescribed time frames.

1.7   To respond to client’s inquiries and request within prescribed time frames and obtain an average customer satisfaction rating of at least 80%

1.8   To ensure compliance to environmental laws and regulations and undertake continual improvement of its working environment to prevent work related injuries and occupational diseases among its employees.