Quality Policy and Objectives Office of the VP AF


The Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance is committed to advance the University’s mission, vision and values through its fiscal leadership, compliance to regulatory bodies and excellent satisfaction from internal and external stakeholders while upholding continual improvement in all of its service.


  1. Actively engage in the process of planning and implementing the level of comprehensive support required to enable the University  to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. This effort encompasses financial and administrative support, as well as safety, security and customer service.
  2. Strive for wise management of financial resources and set the standard for a culture of compliance and accountability, ensuring efficiency and strong stewardship of financial resources.
  3. Provide the level of financial and administrative support, as well as safety and security, required to efficiently and effectively support Tarlac State University’s  growing research works  and economic development initiatives.
  4. Provide the expertise and programs required to support the University’s strategic direction to recruit, retain and develop the best faculty members and extend those efforts in support of the staff as well.
  5. Improve and maintain facilities and infrastructure in order to provide excellence in instruction, research and service.
  6. Implement and maintain best-practice initiatives and streamline, eliminate or consolidate duplicate functions.
  7. Develop and implement mechanisms for evaluating campus needs, services and performance of manpower.
  8. Develop and use an effective performance management process to document progress and foster efficiency and effectiveness.
  9. Develop and implement comprehensive risk assessment and prevention.  Review and update policies and procedures ensuring they address risk appropriately while optimizing strategic opportunities.
  10. Provide a variety of programs that foster and encourage professional development opportunities for faculty and personnel of Tarlac State University
  11. Develop and implement University-wide plans for energy reduction, energy efficiency, and energy conservation.
  12. Improve current campus access and security control procedures and organization. Assure compliance with changing environmental regulatory requirements on campus operations   and facilities.