Scholarship Office Mission, Vision & Objectives


        The Tarlac State University has a well-defined and sustainable Scholarship Programs and grants which enable beneficiaries to complete their studies successfully within the prescribed period. The demand for financial assistance constantly increases. To meet this, the university exerts much effort to tap all possible external and community resources so as to extend more assistance to a greater number of students in the future. Various industry, alumni, community agencies, special groups, private companies, and individual persons also share their resources to provide financial help and scholarship programs for the students.


       The Scholarship Office is mandated to provide services related to student scholarships awarded either by the university or other government and private agencies as well as individual philanthropists.


  1. To encourage academic excellence
  2. To provide financial assistance in the capacity in the tertiary education
  3. To develop student’s confidence in their capacity to work their way through college
  4. To enable Tarlac State University benefactors, donors from industry, alumni, friends, various community agencies to share their resources in educating the students