Library Services

Reading Area

  1. Users Assistance - Though the Library practices the open shelf system, users can consult the library staff for help in finding information or direction to library materials and/or advice on library collections and services.
  2.  Circulation - This is the access to information materials and equipments and returning and recalling of books.
  3. Computer and Internet Access - The Library is equipped with computer units with internet access. Students can do educational research through the internet. Applications like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are also available.
  4.  Printing and Photocopying - Printing and photocopying service are available at the Main library and other unit libraries.
  5. Current Awareness - List of new acquisitions, announcements and other library information updates are displayed in the Library Bulletin Board and also disseminated to the various colleges.
  6. Referral - Students or faculty members who need to consult other information centers/libraries may request from any of the Librarians for the issuance of referral letter/s addressed to the librarian/head of the institution/s where he/she wishes to visit. The University Library reciprocates this service by allowing the qualified researcher/s from other institutions to use our resources.