Extension Extension Support Services

  • ExtensionSkills Training: A total of 27 skills training were conducted in 2008. The total number of trainees is 684 that included out-of-school youth, women/housewives, unemployed, underemployed and other interested individuals. The total number of hours utilized for these training is 177 days and the total cost is PhP211,200.00. The cost to trainee ratio is approximately Php309.68. Table 2 summarizes the skills training conducted. With respect to the skills training conducted at the TSU-San Jose Learning Center, a total of seven (7) trainings were conducted. A total of 220 trainees graduated from the center. TSU-UEO spent 56 hours for the conduct of these training.
  • Continuing Education: With respect to the Continuing Education under the program, Table 5 below summarizes the accomplishments. As shown, the total number of training conducted is 20 involving a total of 704 trainees that included 310 DepEd Teachers under the Partners in Learning Program or 44% of the total trainees. A total of 72 days were utilized for the training.
  • Ecological Solid Waste Management: This project included in the Extension Plan incorporates the supposed project of the College of Engineering in Paniqui, Tarlac. Initial meeting towards provision for assistance to the local government was held in 8 January 2008. Unfortunately, this was not pursued to its intended commitment to the LGU-Paniqui.With respect to the new projects and targets also under this program, the following were accomplished:
    • 1. Consultancy and Technical Advisory Services to the Public and/or Private Sector
    • a. This project is spearheaded by the Institute of Local Governance and Administration in collaboration with the College of Public Administration. Agreements along this line have been forged with the university and the City Government of Tarlac and the municipality of Gerona.
    • b. The office provided consultancy services to the Tarlac State University Foundation, Inc. (TSUFI) in order to undertake consultancy services to clients assigned to the foundation under the DOST-3 Consultancy for Agricultural Productivity Extension (CAPE) Program. The Consultant Team organized included:

Dr. Glenard T. Madriaga - Consultant Team Leader

Redemptor G. Toledano - Consultant