Extension Extension Support Services

Extension Support Services Program (ESSP)

     Skills Training, Technical Assistance and Knowledge Transfer have formed part of ESSP accomplishments. Based on available data, the following were accomplished:


Skills Training

No. of Trainings 3
No. of Faculty Involved 4
No. of Trainees 55
Weighted No. of Participants 77.5

The three (3) skills training conducted are the Basic Automotive Servicing and Maintenance for La Paz LGU, Dishwashing Liquid Soap Making, Meat Processing and Burger Patty making.

Knowledge Transfer

No. of Trainings 12
No. of Faculty Involved 17
No. of Trainees 368
Weighted No. of Participants 246

The (12) knowledge transfer activities were on the topics of agriculture, hygiene/ sanitation, personality development, good manufacturing practices and child protection.

Technical Assistance

No. of Technical Assistance 15
Total No. of Faculty Involved 44

The forty-four (44) technical assistance were on the topics of site development plan, implementation, and gender sensitivity.