College of Technology Research


  1. Correlation Between Applied Industrial Mathematics Performance and Technical Skills Competency Among Industrial Technology Students
  2. Design and Development of Pneumatics Trainer
  3. Development and Validation of a Mechatronics System Trainer
  4. Design and Fabrication of Diesel-Fuel System Trainer
  5. Design and Fabrication of Electric-Tricycle
  6. Consumer Product Testing and Physico-Chemical Analysis of Muscovado Blocks of Gerona and Victoria, Tarlac
  7. Effects of the Different Types of Container on the Characteristics of Sugar Cane Vinegar
  8. Computer Competency of Tarlac National High School Teachers: Impact of ICT Training
  9. Design and Fabrication of Low-Cost  Metal Detector
  10. The Impact Of The Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Smaw) Technical Training Program Of The College Of Technology Extension Office To The Communities Of Aranguren And Dolores, Capas Tarlac: A Tracer Study
  11. Retrofitted Roll Up Door
  12. Fabrication Of Potter’s Wheel Model An Alternative To Traditional Pot Making Method
  13. Poverty Alleviation Through Skills Training Provided By State Universities And Colleges (Suc’s) To Its Communities: An Evaluation
  14. The Mathxpert Software Program As A Supplementary Device In Teaching Algebra
  15. Design And Fabrication Of Pedal Powered Storage Battery Charger
  16. Design And Fabrication Of Hydraulic Rotary-Draw Pipe Bending Machine
  17. Design And Fabrication Of Robotic Arm Trainer
  18. Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic Rotary-Draw Pipe Bending Machine
  19. Design and Fabrication of Low Cost Car Lifter
  20. Design and Development of Universal Autotronics Trainer
  21. Retort Vacuum Packaging Technology of Native Delicacies
  22. Mobile Phone Signal Disabler
  23. Development of Alternating Perimeter Light
  24. Development of an Electrical Device Indicator
  25. Research on the Development of an Improved Muscovado Kiln Phase II