College of Technology Overview


The history of the College of Technology started in 1974 under Board Resolution No. 307 series of 1974 in the administration of Prof. Jack Smith. Its curricular offerings were patterned on pre-engineering courses since it was under the wing of College of Engineering.

In 1978, it was revised under the Board Resolution No. 479 s- 1978 and created the 2-year Farm Technician Technology and 2-year Trade Technician Curriculum (purely vocational).Due to the continuous collaboration with prospective clients, the administration saw the need to enhance the program, the 2-year Trade Technical Education with academic subjects were established.

In 1984, Board Resolution No. 80 s- 1984 approved the total revision of the Technical Vocational School Program – Diploma in Technology Curriculum including a 2-year course with academic subjects was formulated with different areas of specialization. In 1995, under the administration of Dr. Rodolfo Y. Baking, the School of Technical and Vocational Education was converted into the College of Technology through an administrative order.

Also, in the same year, Board Resolution No. 2 s- 1995 authorized the conversion of Bachelor of Technology (BT) into Bachelor of Industrial Technology (BIT). In 1996, the College of Technology moved to its new home at San Isidro Campus together with the College of Architecture.

In 1998, the Bachelor of Industrial Technology (BIT) was renamed as Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT) during an Academic Council Meeting of the university but only the BSIT-EIT and BSIT-MPT were approved by the board as per Resolution No. 9 s-1999. During this time, the first accreditation of the college was held and obtained the candidate status awarded by the Accrediting Agency Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP).

In 2005, the AACCUP awarded the Level I status of the College. In 2009, the College of Technology obtained the Level II status as approved by AACCUP.

At present, the College of Technology is scheduled for Level III Phase 1 Preliminary Visit this May of 2014. Truly, the College Technology has retained its prime position as one of the progressing colleges in this university. It has been advocating and promoting quality technological education and skills development. It justifies its existence as the carrier-banner of the university in the field of industrial technology to persevere the light of progress and academic excellence. The college knows where it is heading for. That it is leading a life geared to promote progress and merit among the components of the society where it belongs.  It is not just a college of robust ideals, but of substantial deeds and true actions.


The  College of Technology aims to develop and produce highly competitive technicians and technologists imbued with desirable work ethics, leadership, and entrepreneurial capability with the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of Industrial Technology so that they will become globally competitive professionals and productive citizens of the country and responsible to the needs of times.

The College of Technology aims to:

  1. develop quality skilled technicians and professional technologists as agents in attaining the national objectives (NIC-hood status);
  2. elevate the morale of manual labor by educating the youth with quality technological education and skills development;
  3. prepare entrepreneurs who posses desirable work attitudes leading to the attainment of high productivity to carry on the socio economic thrust of the government; and
  4. equip the youth with knowledge and skills necessary for technical instruction and industrial management.