College of Science Faculty Profile

Mary Jane N. Rigor

Dean, Assistant Professor III

BS Nursing / MSN / Ph.D. in Nursing Ed. (on going)

Chemistry Department

Evelyn M. Labastilla

Chairman, Associate Professor V

BS Chemistry / MS Chem Educ. / Ed. D. Science Education (dissertation)

Marnella O. Guinto

Instructor I

BS Chemistry/MS Chemistry (with units)

Evangeline D. Guiang

Associate Professor V

BS-Chem .Engr. / MAT-Math / Ph. D.Sci.Educ. – Chem (dissertation)

George P. Rabacal

Assistant Professor III

BS Chemistry / MS-Chem. Educ.

Claire C. Lagrana

Assistant Professor II

BS Chemistry / MS Chemistry / Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (on going)

Erwin C. Mina

Associate Professor V

BS Chemistry / MAT-Math / Ph.D. Science Education (candidate)

Marlene C. Ysais

Associate Professor V

BS Chemistry / MAT-Math / Ed.D IEM

Nursing Department

Lorna C. Gamis

Chairman, Assistant Professor II

BS Nursing / MAN / Ph. D. (on going)

Ma. Susan Z. Maglaqui

Instructor I

BS Nursing / MAN / Ph. D. in Nursing Ed. (on going)

Adora N. Obregon

Assistant Professor II

BS Biology / BSN / MSN/Ph. D. (On going)

Andrew Sebastian G. Matias

Associate Professor IV

BS Zoology / MAED Admin Supervision / Ph.D. in Nursing Education (on going)

Lucila O. Sunga

Associate Professor IV

BS Nursing / MAN / MPA / Ph.D. Public Health/Ph.D in Nursing

Mathematics Department

Nancy L. Mati

Chairman, Associate Professor II

BS-Math / MAT-Math / Ed.D-EDMA (dissertation)

Willie I. Alagano

Instructor III

BS Civil Engineer / MAED-Math

Dr. Glenda P. Blanco

Associate Professor V

BSE-Math / MAT-Math / Ph.D. Math Educ.

Edgar A. Macaraeg

Associate Professor III

BSECE / MAT-Math / MSIT / Ph. D.-Sci. Educ (dissertation)

Estrella B. Pagco

Associate Professor IV

BS Chemical / MAED-Math / Ed.D. EDMA ( units earned)

Dr. Ma. Socorro D. Valdez

Professor VI

BS Chem. Engr. / MPA / MAT-Math / Ed. D. Math Educ.

Environmental Science Department

Victor M. Serrano

Chairperson, Instructor I

BSED-Biology / MAED-Gen. Science

Dr. Alma M. Corpuz

Associate Professor I / MAED-Gen. Educ. / Ed.D.-EDMA

Rodel T. Botio

Associate Professor IV

BS Chemistry / MAED Science Educ. / Ph.D. Science Educ (dissertation)

Dr. Louella F. Ona

Professor V

Vice President for Internal Linkages & External Affairs

BS Biology / MAT-Biology / MS Envi Mngt. / Ed D. IEM

Dr. Rita E. Pulmano

Associate Professor V

Director on Gender and Development

BSED-Biology / MAED-Admin and Supervision / ED.D.EDMA

Antonio C. Rosel

Instructor I

BSE-General Science / MAEd-Physical Science

Dr. Armee N. Rosel

Professor III / V-P

Vice President for Academic Affairs

BS Physics for Teachers / MAEd-Admin. And Supervision / Ph.D. Science Educ.

Bertrand Aldous L. Santillan

Assistant Professor IV

BS Metallurgical Engr. / MAED-Math

Redemptor G. Toledano

Associate Professor III

Director on Planning & Extension

BS Agriculture / MS Crop Science / Ph.D. Agri.Acad.req'ts.

Food Technology Department

Leah T. Matias

Chairperson, Instructor III

BS Food Technology / MAED- Major in Tech and Livelihood Education / Ed.D. Ind Educ and Mngt.

Lea B. Milan

Assistant Professor IV

BS Food Technology / MAED- Major in Tech and Livelihood Education /Ed.D

Mary Katherine A. Apolonio

Instructor I

BS Nutritrition and Food Technology / MS Food Science (Units)

Kristine Mae G. Pagala

Instructor I

BS Food Technology

Aljon N. Lusong

Instructor I

BS Nutritrition and Food Technology