College of Engineering and Technology Overview


In an environment valuing freedom, excellence and equity, TSU shall provide and maintain relevant instruction, research, extension and production programs efficiently and effectively or develop responsible members of the society imbued with critical and creative thinking.

Quality Policy, Goals and Objectives

  1. To produce a corps of qualified and competent world-class engineers with a high degree of moral, ethical, professional responsibility and recognition of the need for and ability to engage in perpetual learning.
  2. To generate new knowledge and technology and to disseminate them for the benefit of mankind.
  3. To provide students the following in pursuit of the desire to emerge as center of excellence:

a. A broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solution in global and societal context consistent with principles of sustainable development.

b. An ability to analyze and solve engineering problems in practice by applying knowledge of mathematics, science, modern engineering techniques, skills and tools.

c.  An ability to communicate effectively, both oral and written, and to function on multi-discipline team.