College of Architecture and Fine Arts Overview


In March 6, 1984, the five-year BS Architecture curriculum of Tarlac College of Technology was approved by the Commission on Higher Education. The curriculum was offered under the Institute of Engineering, Architecture and Technical-Vocation Education or IEATV.

Enacted in August 1989, the new University Charter transformed TCT into the Tarlac State University. Pursuant to its new goals and objectives of extending the present curricular offerings, the institute, now renamed College of Architecture and Fine Arts, began to work for the offering of the Fine Arts program even as it continued to strengthen its Architecture program. 

Since then, the College of Architecture and Fine Arts convincingly and consistently produced successful registered architects with topnotchers, competent draftsmen and nationally recognized artists in the industry.


  •  Responsive and responsible artists and architects.
  •  Research-based curriculum and instruction.
  •  Resourceful and self-reliant studentry.
  • Artists and architects with strong  artistic and socio-cultural heritage conscience.


  • Continue developing ways to improve instruction and curricular offerings.
  • Foster academic-professional growth through research activities.
  • Develop a culture of creative self-reliance.
  • Get involved in community affairs through extension services.