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College of Business and Accountancy LOGO COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND ACCOUNTANCY

The College of Business and Accountancy shall seek to strengthen its position as a center of excellence in undergraduate business education, upholding the vision, mission, and values of the Tarlac State University. The Collage aims to:

  1. Develop managers in the field of business who will promote managerial competence and professionalism, and who will contribute significantly to the attainment of productivity, enterprise growth, and a sustainable business environment.
  2. Produce competent Certified Public Accountants who will respond to the need for professionals in the government, the private sector, and the academe.
  3. Train well-rounded entrepreneurs who will pioneer viable business ventures in the community, boost productivity, and provide employment opportunities.
  4. Produce specialists with technical skills and analytical proficiency to respond to the challenges of an increasingly advancing and fast-paced business information and communications technology.
  5. Groom future economists with a synthesis of skills that will allow for an effective formulation of sound economic policies, programs, and solutions to counter socio-economic problems with the end view of accelerating economic development and stability.
  6. Mold professionals in the field of financial management, who will promote value creation to various clientele in the face of a changing and globalized financial environment.
  7. Create a pool of professionals who will develop effective marketing strategies that will help organizations deal with the pressures of a global economy characterized by stiff competition, and who will contribute significantly to creating and sustaining customer value.
  8. Produce competent, innovative, and customer-driven executives and professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry who will optimize the use of resources, achieve productivity and deliver quality services.


  1. Small & Medium Enterprise Development Council (SMED)
  2. Tarlac Productivity Council (TAPC)
  3. Kapampangan Development Foundation, Inc.
  4. Development Bank of the Philippines
  5. Anao Local Government Unit
  6. Provincial Government of Tarlac
  7. Sutherland Global Services
  8. Department of Trade & Industry

Awards Received

  1. Over-all Champion – University Intramurals 2012
  2. JPIA- Most Participative Local Chapter 2012
  3. Most awarded Local Chapter-Academics-2012
  4. Most awarded Local chapter-2012
  5. TSU-JFINEX-Outstanding Local Chapter in the Philippines- 2012
  6. The Blaze’s Literary Folio “Alab dos, ang iyong Muling pagliyab”- Special Citation in Ugnayan 5, College Editors Guild of the Philippines-2011
  7. The Blaze’s Literary Editor Bayani M. Gabriel, 3rd place in Maikling Kwento, Gawad Emman Lacaba The College Editors Guild of the Philippines CEGP annual Luzon-wide Literary Competition-2011.




Course Offerings
 TSU: Academic Programslink | Graduate Studieslink

 Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy is the flagship curriculum program offering of the College of Business and Accountancy. The program is designed for a five-year course that is heavily focused on modern concepts and practices in the many specialized fields of accounting including financial accounting, cost accounting, advanced accounting, management accounting, and auditing assurance services. Also covered in the curriculum are relevant areas in business laws and taxation under the Philippine setting. This program aims to develop accountants and produce Certified Public Accountants who will answer to the growing needs of professionals in the government, commerce and industry, education, and public practice sectors. It is also designed to help students develop the skills and mental competencies to face the challenges in a diverse and fast changing global professional environment.

 Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology

 Bachelor of Science in Entreprenuership

The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship grooms students to become well-rounded entrepreneurs and professionals who can handle managerial positions in the corporate realm. The Entrepreneurship Department considers its curricular offerings as an excellent work in progress by ensuring its youthful dynamism in its incessant look out for what is new, what is innovative, and what is profitable while being socially responsible.

 Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management

The Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management program is intended to develop professionals and managers in the hotel and restaurant industry who will provide quality service to culinary arts, table setting, bartending, and related activities. Students will be equipped with skills and knowledge that will enable them to cope with the requirements of the hotel and restaurant industry.

 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Business Economics (BSBA – Eco)

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Business Economics is designed to teach and make students understand the need to choose and its relationship to the concept cost and the roles that households, business firms, and government units play in the economy. Also covered in the curriculum are the study of markets and how they work, unemployment problems, inflation, economic growth, choices directed toward fulfilling people wants, and ethics and value judgments.

 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management (BSBA – FM)

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management prepares the students to possess a strong foundation on theory, principles and concepts, as well as analytical tools and perspectives that would provide a sound and competitive basis for financial decision making. The program requires high level of dynamism and commitment from the students. The students will work in depth in each course through proper balancing of finance theory and research literature with the practical aspects of financial management.

 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management (BSBA – MM)

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management deals extensively with the study of the modern marketing management models in terms of both theoretical and practical approaches. This four-year course program is intended to create a pool of professionals imbued with the ability to develop effective marketing strategies through comprehensive knowledge on the nature and dynamics of marketing in the Philippine context as well as in the global setting. The learning process is geared heavily towards marketing researches, analytical procedures, communication skill enhancements, and powerful marketing plan presentations.


 Master of Business Administration(Thesis/Non-Thesis Program)

Program Objectives:
  1. Provide professional instruction and training in advanced business management to prospective managers.
  2. To train and develop well-rounded professionals who will pioneer viable business ventures in the community, increase productivity, and provide local employment.
  3. To advance the study of Businnes administration to scholarly and applied research and related activities.

 Doctor of Business Administration

Program Objectives:
  1. Intended for graduates and executives who wish to specialize in the advanced level of administrative and management functions of the general business environment.
  2. It is further intended to provide opportunity for considerable personal development.
  3. It aims to develop within each candidate an expertise in a functional area of business administration.


 Master of Business Administration

 Doctor of Business Administration

 Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

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